Welcome to Lantmännen Cerealia

Lantmännen Cerealia develops healthy, nutritious and convenient food that meets the needs and wishes of customers and consumers, in a responsible way. We are proud of being a leading food company, and of making a positive difference in food.

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"We are proud of our products and how we take responsibility from field to fork"

Carl-Peter Thorwid, CEO

The green sprout emblem on our packaging guarantees responsibly produced food. Food that we make an effort to provide in a sustainable manner, from field to fork.

Matters of the heart in our world

From Lantmännen’s grain, we produce and sell flour, pasta, crisp bread, pancakes and much more. The cereals are quality controlled at our grain receptions, milled into flour in our mills, which is used as raw material in the rest of our assortment.

"In our factory in Laholm we make 600,000 pancakes every day"

A Friendlier Wheat

Since end of 2015, all wheat flour from Kungsörnen is produced according to the Lantmännen cultivation concept “Climate & Nature”. The result is a carbon footprint about 20% lower than the average Swedish wheat production.

"We are constantly working to develop new innovations and culinary inspiration, always with sustainability in mind"

"With sustainability as the core of our business, our aim is to make breakfast, lunch and dinner servings a profitable business for our customers by offering high quality products"

Susanna Liljeblad, Foodservice