Sustainability, Health and Quality

With operations through the whole value chain from field to fork, Lantmännen is working to take responsibility for our impact on people and the environment, to develop businesses that contribute to a profitable sustainable development, and to make farming thrive.

At Lantmännen Cerealia we take our share of the responsibility for sustainability, which is about trust, care and respect. Trust, for our products - offering our consumers and customers sustainable, healthy and reliable choices. Care, about the environment - reducing the environmental impact throughout the value chain. Respect, in all our relations - building long-term relations and safe work places, both for employees and for our business partners. 

You can read more about some of the items that are important to us below.

A Friendlier Wheat

Our “Friendlier wheat” has up to 20% less climate impact than the average wheat supply in Sweden. Kungsörnen’s friendlier wheat is grown according to Lantmännen’s new cultivation concept "Climate & Nature". Since end of 2015, 70,000 tons of wheat with lower environmental impact has been harvested from Swedish farmlands around the country. Through this concept, we have managed to decrease emissions of carbon dioxide by 6,000 tons.

A Friendlier Wheat on YouTube

Great Taste - Packed with fibre

Our new muesli from AXA - with Blackberries, Dates and Quinoa - is full of flavor and contains no added sugar. It is made from oat, rye and quinoa, which are naturally rich in minerals. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast!

Let's take a bite

We Create Energy from Residues

In our plants in Järna in Sweden, we produce breakfast products based on Swedish oats. The largest residue from our production - oat husks - is not considered as waste in our factories.

Instead of using fossil fuel in our boilers, we convert the husks to energy, which is used in production. Thanks to this, we reduce fossil carbon emissions by about 7,500 tons per year.

The energy created from oat husks is not only used in our production, we also use it to heat up 1,400 households in the neighborhood of the factory in Järna.



Sustainable Cultivation

The challenge of the 21st century is to ensure that everyone has access to enough resources, while collectively we live within the ecological means of this one planet. We all need to eat healthy and reliable food, produced with consideration to the environmental impact. Sustainable cultivation is about addressing the issues where the impact and potential is the greatest.


RSPO Certified Palm Oil

To ensure a responsible palm oil production, we only purchase RSPO certified palm oil. We are actively working on the acceleration of the transition to this responsible sourcing, together with colleagues in the industry and interest groups.


Climate Impact

In order to slow down the climate change and secure productive farming in the future, the climate impact of food production has to be reduced. Being a leading food company, this is of course an extremely important issue for us.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides guidance for ethical, social and environmental responsibility in our work. The code of conduct applies to all Lantmännen’s employees and board members.

Download our Code of Conduct (pdf)

Sustainability reports

Learn more about our work with responsibility from field to fork, our role, important issues, our sustainability reporting and much more at the Lantmännen Group.


"With sustainability as the core of our business, our aim is to make breakfast, lunch and dinner servings a profitable business for our customers by offering high quality products"

Pelle Eriksson, Foodservice

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